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Phrog Gin (Island Spirits Distillery)

This gin is distilled on Hornby Island, and is available at the Brewery Creek Beer & Wine store on Main St. , and is not available in the BCLDB stores.  It is very fresh on the nose, with hints of lemon and orange.  It is ultra-smooth, with anise, lemons and trace spices.  It will be an excellent martini gin!  8.5/10 scored.  About $55. Jackie, Dipsophilia.

Spruce Gin (Rogue Spirits, Oregon)

 Fresh clean nose, very "green", for want of a better word.  Smooth, but not as "botanical" as some of my favourites.  Made my lips tingle!.  Trace oranges, coriander.  This is a great mixed-drink gin.  Try the Mint and Cucumber drink here.  Available at the Brewery Creek Beer & Wine store on Main St. (~$60) , and is not available in the BCLDB stores. 7/10 scored. Jackie, Dipsophilia.

Martin Miller’s London Dry Gin

(Reviewed by: Jurgen Goethe, Georgia Straight) My first bottle of Martin Miller’s seemed to evaporate; I suspect the dog. The mission statement convinced me even before the initial taste: “distilled by obsessive gin makers in England’s Black Country and made for obsessive gin connoisseurs around the world”. Among the 10 botanicals-headlined, as it is with most gins, by juniper-is a preponderance of coriander, which gives it a unique and highly appealing taste. It’s another one that takes a journey: after infusing and distilling, it wanders off to Iceland for soft and lovely water that gives it its soft and mellow mouth feel.

Jackie, Dipsophilia - My first bottle evapourated too!  Although I had a bit of a headache the next morning to remind me that it wasn't the dog! :)  Very flavourful. Dangerously tasty. scored 8/10.

Boudier Saffron Gin

(Reviewed by: Jurgen Goethe, Georgia Straight) The biggest surprise-and an instant hit-was the acclaimed crème de cassis–maker Boudier’s Saffron Gin, with its electric tangerine-flake colour and just a hint of saffron to tantalize the tongue. Spicy but subtle, best enjoyed neat after a couple of hours in the freezer. When the bottle’s empty, it makes a nice vinaigrette container. Or a candlestick.

(Reviewed by Jackie, Dipsophilia.com) There was a hint of saffron on the nose, and a hint of fennel.  These two flavours also came out in the taste, with some spices.  It wasn't as flavourful a gin as I had expected.  The nice saffron colour will make it a great addition to mixed drinks!  I'll have to try Jurgen's suggestion and stick it in the freezer.

Victoria Gin (Reviewed by Jackie, Dipsophilia.com)

BC distilled gin, which is very nice to see in the liquor store.  Vanilla nose, and not overly “alcoholly”.  Very smooth, and vanilla on the palate. Actually, incredibly smooth straight up.  Not a “spicy” gin like most of my favourites.  Looses everything when diluted with sparkling water.

Boomsma Jonge Genever Gin , Holland

This is a Dutch gin that was introduced in the BC Liquor stores last summer.  Fruity nose, smooth on the palate with juniper berries and spices. Wow, this is good. There needs to be more specialty gins available in BC!  Sells for $27.99 – what a deal! BCLDB SKU #1594 / UPC #00791774100620