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Came across this cool blog site http://beertography.blogspot.com/

How cool is this....live beer menu from http://staugustinesvancouver.com/

We've added a Cocktail Lounge review section, with reviews of some of the newest awesome cocktail lounges springing up all over Vancouver. 

Have you heard of a meatini?  Check it out here.  It would pair well with a bloody mary!

We have  updated the BC Beer and Wine Store listing so you can search by town/city.

The upcoming events page is updated regularly, and we have added a link for each day of the week showing you who has what on special for an easy on-line reference guide.  Drink of the month is HERE. Try something new tonight.

So check back soon and check back often! 

NOTE - Scott emailed us with his home brewer web site http://www.deterrabrewing.com/forum

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If you haven't already watched some of Vancouver's own Tiki Bar.....“Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad” http://www.tikibartv.com

Vodka Lovers - check this Vodkaphiles website out: http://www.russianlife.net/vodka/index.cfm  and check out our  vodka review page.


What is Dipsophilia ?

Before your run to your dictionary, we must tell you that “Dipsophilia” will not be there … yet. It is a newly coined word, derived from two Greek sources “Dipso”, meaning drink and “Philia” meaning love. Hence Dipsophilia; the Love of Drinking. In this beautiful language of ours, which borrows freely from so many roots, there are lots of words to describe a love of eating; Gourmet, Gastronome, Epicure, etc.  But what about the drinking that is so often paired with fine dining?  We saw a need to more succinctly describe our passion for drink, most particularly our love of high quality Micro-Brewed Ales, Fine Wines and Single Malt Scotches.  There was no word .. until now.  Dipsophilia.


What Dipsophilia is Not

We wanted to differentiate between the consumer who drinks the ubiquitous mass produced lagers from international brewing giants that have become more concerned with “branding” than with the beer itself. In a world dominated by marketing (form not substance), almost all of these products long ago lost any resemblance to real beer. But more on this later ...

There are many words to describe someone who has lost control of his drinking, where the alcohol itself has become the passion, rather the medium.  Drunkard, Sot, Toper, Lush, Dipsomaniac (a craver for drink). These are all negative terms which emphasize the dark side of alcohol. More on this later too …  These derogatory terms can perhaps be analogized to the words Glutton or Gourmand which describe a person who eats to excess.

Are you a Dipsophile ?

· Are you a firm believer in the saying “life is too short to drink bad wine or beer” and more importantly do you practice that philosophy?

· Do you revel in the adventure of trying “local” drinks while traveling?

· Do you have 3/4” left in that bottle of 18 yr old Macallan, because it tasted too damn good to finish, and you just needed to know it was right there if you wanted to try it again?

· Do you occasionally send draught beer back to the bar because it is “dead” or stale?

· Before you visit a new city, do you research its Micro-breweries in books or on the internet so you know what to try and where to get the best beers?

· Have you ever been caught passionately arguing with a friend that just because a wine or beer is well known (i.e. well marketed) doesn’t mean that its good?


If you answered YES to any of those questions … congratulations, you’re a Dipsophile !

This site will be dedicated to bringing you news, product information and reviews of all your favourite drinks, restaurants, and pubs.  We are presently setting up correspondents in major centres worldwide.  If you are interested in contributing articles related to Dipsophilia, please contact us:

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