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September 2010                                             Back to Drink of the Month

Pimm's Cocktails

I love Pimm's No. 1. I did a Pimm's page back in January 2008, and thought it was about time to re-visit.

On the Spitton web site, http://www.spittoon.biz/pimms_and_pimms_based_cocktail.html, there is a good quick description of Pimm's.

My favourite way to drink Pimm's is with soda water (or 7-up if you prefer a little sweeter), and a lime wedge or even a sprig of mint.  A lovely drink to wind down with while sitting on the patio.

Other varieties of Pimm's cocktails are below:

Pimm's and Ginger
1 measure of Pimm`s
3 measures of Ginger Beer
1 slice of lemon
1 slice of Cucumber
1 slice of Apple
Fresh Mint

Substitute Lemonade for the ginger beer for another classic version.

Pimm's and Champagne
1 measure of Pimm`s
3 measures Champagne