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Pub Crawling In Glasgow  - Aidan and Jackie's Tour           back to Road Trips

We spent a few days in Glasgow before heading over to Islay, and then had a few days in Glasgow again at the end of our trip (after two weeks in Shetland) before heading home to Vancouver.  Each day was spent in local pubs or at other more touristy "stops of interest". 

These days of debauchery are summarized below:

January 20, 2006 The arrival, the first beer/whiskies

January 21, 2006 Pubs, the Barras and more.....

January 22, 2006 More Pubs.....

February 7, 2006 The return to Glasgow....yes, more new pubs!

February 8, 2006 The final night in Glasgow, including more new pubs, of special note the Still Pot