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Jasper, Alberta 2007

Jackie and Aidan recently travelled 3500 km to seek out a bottle of Laphroaig 10 year old, no longer available in BC!  Well, okay, we were visiting family in Quesnel, Prince George and Hinton!

We took a day trip up to Edson, Alberta looking for 10 year old Laphroaig.....there is a great whisky selection at the Derreck Liquor Store, on the main drag as you drive east through town - look for the large lit sign.

Highlights were:

Macallan 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s replicas - $48.95-$59.95

Macallan 12 - $64.99

Bruichladich 3D Rocks - $61.99

Bruichladdich 15 - $81.99

Lagavulin Distiller's Edition 1990 - $100.99

Dalwhinnie Distiler's Edition 1990 - $67.99]

Laphroaig Quarter Cask - $53.99 (compared to $77.99 in BC!)

Our travels took us to Jasper, and for dipsophilies in the area, check out the Jasper Liquor Store and Wine Cellar.  Head downstairs to the cellar and ask for D.J. Bowen.  He has the best selection (and collection) of whisky we have seen in a long time....even better than the 39th & Cambie liquor store!

Highlights were:

Caol Isla 18 - $109.95

Caol Isla Cask Strength - $84.95

Glenkinchie 1986 Distiller's Edition - $105.95

Provenance 1992 Bunnahabhain 12 - $72.95

Bruichladdich 3D Second Edition - Moine Mohr - $77.95

Balvenie Doublewood 12 - $56.95

Glenfarclas 15 yo - $79.95

Macallan Cask Strength - $79.95

Macallan 12 - $69.95

Springbank 10 - $69.95

Springbank 14 Portwood - $109.95


These are just a select few from the cellar.  Upstairs he stocked a very wide and impressive selection of the more readily available single malts. He had three bottles of the Laphroaig 10 year old that he would not part with, much to our disappointment.  We picked up (among some others) a bottle each of the Balvenie Portwood 1991 and 1993, neither of which are available in BC.


Overall, an excellent selection of whisky. 


We didn't look at the wine selection, but the cellar appeared very well stocked.  They also have a beer fridge which was also very well stocked with a variety of beers from all over the world, including Rogue beers from Oregon.


More disappointing was our visit to the Jasper Brewing Company.  We stopped in for dinner.  They had six different beers to taste, review to follow below.  The food was average.  Don't order a New York steak....it was about 5 mm thick and could never be a medium rare steak......!!!


Beer: Reviewed by Aidan and Colin. 


Rocket Ridge Raspberry Ale: " A clean, crisp, refreshing pale ale with a hint of pure raspberry".

No nose, pinkish tinge to head, rather tasteless. Too thin.  Refreshing, but no nose, taste or finish. Aidan 5/10

Colin 5/10


B-Hill Pil: "Brewed with German malts & hops, the brilliant gold coloured B Hill pil starts and ends with a clean hop flavour".

Sure, there's hops there, but no back up. Weak straw colour (not gold).  Watery , weak finish, tastes more like a light beer.

Aidan 4/10

Colin 4/10


Rock Hopper IPA:

Weak nose, slight hops, very creamy fore-taste, but little staying power.  A pretty good try.  Not in top 10 IPAs, but very drinkable.

Aidan 7/10

Colin 6/10


Honey Bear Ale: "Brewed with clover honey from the Okanagan Valley. A hint of coriander gives the golden ale a fresh and inviting flavour that blends perfectly with aromatic German hops.  Served with a slice of lime".

No nose again (am I stuffed up?). Very weak too.  A touch of "pop" - a shandy-like beer with sweetness and coriander.  A girly beer.

Aidan 5/10

Colin 5/10


Liftline Ale: "A smooth real ale brewed with all British specialty malts and hops then poured with nitrogen from a creamy rich texture".

Chalk and soil, stereotypical Nitrogen creaminess, again lacking body. Improves with each swig...still no great shakes.

Aidan 6/10

Colin 6/10


6060 Stout: "Named after the midnight black Bullnosed Betty steam engine 6060, brought back to life by Jasper's heritage society.  The 6060 is a traditional dry Irish-style stout with a wonderfully complex roast character. This is a beer to make the Irish proud".

Chocolate malt nose, Murphy style stout.  Milk stout, not a cream stout, excellent balance, well preserved. 

Aidan 8/10

Colin 7/10