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Pinky Vodka

Have you tried Pinky Vodka? I did a review (see vodka review page).  I'm on the mailing list, and they send out Pinky Cocktails, so I thought I'd share a few with you.

Pinky Verde

2 part (oz) Pinky Vodka
1”x1” piece of raw nopal cactus
2” x ¼” slices of jalapeño
3 key lime halves
¼ oz St. Germain
Splash of simple syrup
Salt/sugar/chili powder/cayenne rim

Muddle cactus and jalapeño with simple syrup. Add ice. Add Pinky, St. Germain and key lime juice. Shake vigorously. Serve up in a martini glass with rim mixture. Garnish with triangle of nopal cactus. Rim: 2 tbl. spoons of salt/sugar; I pinch each of dark chili powder and cayenne powder

In the Pink

1 part (oz) Pinky Vodka
3 segments lemon, muddled
½ part vanilla vodka
½ part strawberry liqueur
Dash of simple syrup

Shake & strain into a martini glass with a lemon garnish

Pinky’s Day Off

1 ½ parts Pinky
3 strawberries
¾ part agave nectar
¾ part lime juice
1 part orange juice
Top with soda water

Muddle strawberries in the bottom of a mixing glass and add remaining ingredients. Strain over ice, top with soda water
and garnish with a strawberry

These, and many more, are available on their web site http://www.pinkyvodka.com/




November 2010 - Saffron Gin                                                      Back to Drink of the month

I bought a bottle when it first arrived at the BCLDB, and to tell you truth, I wasn’t keen on it. Mostly I think because I like a plain old gin martini, and it didn’t do it for me!

After a little internet searching I found this link with some great recipes I’ve also copied below.  Time to give the saffron gin another try !! I have to admit, the ingredients aren’t all ready available in my booze cupboard, so I will have to do some pre-planning and shopping.  Number 9 sounds really good.


1.Sebastian Guesdon. Ruby at Park City Hotel. "Thai Me Up"
50ml Saffron Gin
25ml Malibu
3 Fresh Lime Wedge
25ml Coconut Cream
Fresh Ginger Roots
Fresh Sweet Chilli
Shake-pour over ice cube into a rock glass.
Garnish with physalis fruit.

2. Gian Carlo . Little Italy (Soho) "Colonial Strawberry"
50ml Saffron Gin
25ml Butterscotch
3 Strawberry
4 Basil Leaves
Strawberry Puree
Shaken- martini glass-garnish strawberry and basil leaf.

"Colonial Raspberry"
50ml Saffron Gin
25 Raspberry Liqueur
5 Fresh Raspberry's
35ml Egg White
1 Slice Of Lemon Juice
Shaken- martini glass-garnish with two raspberries.

3. Giuseppe Ruo. Library at The Lanesborough "Italian Spice"
5cl Saffron Gin
2cl White Crème De Cacao
1cl Cointreau
Red Chili Pepper
Shaken and garnish with kumquat.

4. Li Ya Nan . Awana "Apple Spice"
50ml Saffron Gin
6ml Rose Syrup
15ml La Mauny Brown Sugar
3ml Gabriel Boudier L'orange Liqueur
Half Green Apple
1 Whole Lime
Muddled apple, squeezed lime juice, shake all.

5. Li Ya Nan . Mango Tree "Saffron Hibiscus"
50ml Saffron Gin
2 Hibiscus Flowers
20ml Fresh Lime Juice
5ml La Mauny Brown Sugar
5ml Rose Syrup
Muddled hibiscus flowers and shake all ingredients, strained into a martini glass.

6. Sandy Davis. Mint Leaf "Saffron Lemongrass Martini"
50ml Saffron Gin
Half Stick Of Lemon Grass (Muddled)
7ml Agave Syrup
10ml Lemon Juice
Martini glass with lemon grass stick garnish.  

7. Mike Choi. Franco's "Twisted English Martini"
50ml Saffron Gin
15ml Elderflower Cordial
3 Dash Orange Bitters
25ml Apple Juice
1 Cube Cucumber
Martini glass, muddle cucumber, add ingredients, shake and double strain, garnish with physalis.

"Bitter Sweet Symphony"
50ml Saffron Gin
15ml Campari
15ml Raspberry Grappa
4 Blackberries
5ml Gomme
Rocks over crushed ice, muddle berries , add ingredients, shake and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with blackberry's on stick

"Indian Summer"
50ml Saffron Gin
25ml Guava Juice
25ml Mango Juice
25ml Passion Fruit Juice
Dash Of Grenadine
1 Piece Dragon Fruit
High ball, muddle dragon fruit and add rest of ingredients, shake and loose strain add slice of dragon fruit garnish

"Red Light, Green Light"
50ml Saffron Gin
10ml Germana Cacacha
2 Strawberries
1 Inch Cube Of Watermelon
5ml Midori
5ml Gomme
Martini glass muddle strawberries and watermelon, add ingredients, shake and double strain add a watermelon garnish

8. Paulo Brammer. W'sens "The Edge"
40ml Saffron Gin
15ml Xante
15ml Fresh Apple Juice
5ml Elderflower Cordial
3 Clementine ( Orange ) Flames
Stirred and served in a martini glass

9. Mario Bereta Salugo. W'sens "Saffron Dijon"
40ml Saffron
1 Spoon Of Orange Fig Jam
15ml Limoncello
15ml Fresh Orange Juice
Served in a martini glass with lime and orange twist

10. Andy Pearson. Roast "Grace Under Fire"
35ml Saffron Gin
20ml Apple Schnapps
25ml Apple Sauce
15ml Cinnamon Syrup
Shaken-martini glass-garnish with apple slice

11. Henry Howes. Roast "Argy Bhaji"
50ml Saffron Gin
25ml Cinnamon Syrup
1 Pear (Muddled)

12. Dez O'connell. Roast " Saffron Sword "
60ml Saffron Gin
1 Ball Of Candied Stem Ginger Syrup
1 Bar Spoon Candied Stem Ginger Syrup
8 Cardamon Pods
2 Orange Zests
Muddle thoroughly zest, pods, ginger and syrup. Add gin and shake hard. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with ball of stem ginger and zest on pick.

13. Gerry Calabrese formerly at Meet Bar
50ml Saffron Gin
50ml Cold Chamomile Tea
25ml Elderflower Cordial
3 Squeezes Of Fresh Lime Juice
6 Mint Leaves
Shaken, then fine strained into a martini glass and garnished with dried saffron flowers

14. Tanya Charlson. Royal Exchange "Butterfly Effect"
25 Ml Saffron Gin
12.5 Ml Havana 7
12.5 Ml Boudier Crème De Peche
25 Ml Orange Juice
Grenadine Lace
Garnish with physalis and speared orange twirl

15. Theo. Zuma "French Fields"
20ml Apricot Puree
10ml Ginger And Lemongrass Syrup
12.5ml Coquelicot (Poppy Liqueur)
37.5ml Saffron Gin
12.5ml Lemon
5ml Sugar
10ml Apple
Bar Spoon Rosewater

16. Steven Mcdermott. Salvatore At 50  "Sergeant Pepper "
50ml Saffron Gin
15ml Peche De Vigne
3 Kumquats
4 Pieces Of Yellow Pepper
5ml Gomme
Muddle, shake and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and slices of pepper. Glass tumbler.

17. Francesco Orefici. Salvatore At 50  " Saffron Butterfly "
50ml Saffron Gin
80ml Of Passion Fruit Juice
10ml Of Pear Puree
10ml Of Elderflower Cordial
3 Fresh Strawberries
Garnish with butterfly made of one fresh strawberry.

18.Tristan Moffat. Quaglino's " Crocus Martini "
"I have used the name Crocus because this is the flower from which Saffron is extracted. This is a Martini orange in colour and with subtle hints of orange, lemon and saffron as well as many other spices. Cointreau is used to extract the orange essence and balance the stronger tones in the gin. Where as Grand Marnier and orange bitters are used to really boost the more subtitle flavours of spice and orange. The strong and the sweet come together to make a beautifully balanced gin martini."

Fill Boston glass with ice and pour over ice:
17.5ml Cointreau
17.5ml Grand Marnier
3 dashes of Orange Bitters
Then stir to wash ice with ingredients and then pour away a very small amount of the solution (10ml approx) just so the saffron gin is not overpowered by the other ingredients.

Then add
50ml Saffron Gin
Stir 21 times to the left and 21 times to the right for the perfect dilution. Strain and then double strain to ensure that the drink is completely free of ice as it should be clear. Then make a twist of orange ensuring that the zest is going into the drink. Then drop the twist into the drink. Flame a slice of orange peel onto the drink. Discard the peel after. This will create a new and refreshing spiced and gently smoked saffron and orange gin martini mixing the classic and contemporary to make a perfect balance of the old and new.

" Lemon Sherbet "
5 Lemon Wedges
Long Pour Gomme
Teo Bar Spoons White Sugar
50ml Saffron Gin
Crushed Ice
Pour into sling glass
Add Cointreau to top
Add crushed ice cone and garnish with a lemon twist on top. Good as a pre dinner cocktail

" Saffron Mary "
5 Lime Wedges, Salt, Pepper, 8 Counts Worchester Sauce, 3 Counts Tabasco , add ice, top with tomato juice.
Stir until ice cold and garnish with celery and dusting of pepper, on top some cherry tomato's and an olive in a cocktail stick, add horseradish if desired.
Brings a really nice flavour to the bloody Mary and has gentile tastes that are beautifully brought out in a nice bloody Mary.

19. Matthew Maunder. Quaglino's " Saffron Smash "
50ml Saffron Gin
15ml Benedictine
2 Lemon Slices
6 Mint Leaves
10ml Sugar Syrup
Add lemon and sugar in a mixing glass, muddle, add spirits and mint. Shake and double strain into a chilled old fashioned glass, add to top crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig.                        

20. Tony Krasniqi. Quaglino's " Kos "
Four Slices Of Cucumber
5ml Gomme
15ml Passion Fruit Monin Syrup
40ml Saffron Gin
20ml Passion Fruit Puree
30ml Lychee Juice
And Cubed Ice
Large martini glass. Squeeze half a passion fruit into the bottom of the glass and add four slices of cucumber. Pour remaining ingredients into prepared glass add a dash of grenadine over cucumber slices and serve.

21. Becca Johansson. Opal Lounge " Goldentin "
35ml Saffron Gin
15ml Crème De Caramelle
25ml Half And Half
10ml Gomme
Shake and strain and sieve into a martini glass. Garnish either nutmeg or chocolate sprinkle

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 From the St. George's web site ( a great San Francisco distillery) i found the following drink which will (as the web site suggests!) do well for New Year's Eve!!

Midnight in the Afternoon

Get an early start on New Year's Eve with this play on a Death in the Afternoon created by Lance and Ellie Winters. Cheers from all of us and thanks to all our friends for a great 2010!

Midnight in the Afternoon
1 oz St. George Absinthe Verte
5 oz chilled sparkling wine
Brandy-soaked cherry

Pour champagne into a champagne flute, then release the cherry over the flute and watch the ball drop.

Top with Absinthe Verte, then toast to a happy new year!