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Drink of the Month – October 2009                 Back to Drink of the Month

OK, so it isn’t tax time….but I was doing a little surfin’ and came across this drink.  It sounds kinda yummy! Hit the link below for the original web page.   I haven't changed anything from the posted recipe.  Give it a try.

Income Tax Cocktail

That dreaded yearly task is done and you finally know how much money you are either getting back or handing over. That's right, you have completed your income taxes! So whether you are on top of it and filed 3 months early, waiting for the April 15th deadline or an accountant who has made it through one more tax season, sit back and enjoy this great cocktail to celebrate your accomplishment. Shake, garnish and relax.

·                            2 oz gin

·                            1/4 oz sweet vermouth

·                            1/4 oz dry vermouth

·                            1 oz orange juice

·                            Angostura bitters to taste

·                            orange twist for garnish