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There are many versions of a burnt martini.  Aidan and I prefer to make our burnt martinis with vodka, allowing the whiskey flavours and nose to still be present (i.e. keep its character), and not mingled with the nose and flavours of a good gin.  Our version is quite simple pour a tiny amount of your favourite whiskey in the martini glass and swirl around in the glass.  Drain the excess whiskey.  Make your vodka martini as per usual, with the tiniest amount of dry vermouth.  Pour into your prepared glass, and enjoy!  Works great with a Laphroig or Ardbeg!

I found some interesting variations on the burnt martini on the internet:

Irish Martini

2 oz vodka
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz Irish whiskey

Pour the Irish whiskey into a chilled cocktail glass. Swirl around the glass in order to coat the inside. Drain the excess whiskey. Pour the vodka and dry vermouth into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well. Strain into the cocktail glass. Garnish with the lemon twist.


Blended Scotch Martini (Gin)

Things You'll Need:

                    Gin (Beefeater dry recommended)

                    Sweet Vermouth (Martini Rossi recommended)

                    Scotch (Chivas Regal recommended)

                    Large Olives

                    Shaker, ice and martini glass


Fill a shaker with ice and add your favorite amount of gin (I use 2 ounces)

Add a dash of vermouth. That is, add a really tiny amount. A little vermouth goes a long way. If you are in the habit of swirling vermouth in the martini glass and dumping, do NOT do it for this recipe. (You'll see why below)

Shake or stir the martini until ice cold.

Now, let's burn the martini! Take a clean, dry martini glass and put a small amount of scotch in the bottom. Put just enough in so that you can swirl it around the glass.

Swirl the liquid so that the scotch covers the sides of the glass completely. Pour the scotch out of the martini glass and back into the scotch bottle.

Pour the contents of the shaker into the glass and add some olives.