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The Diamond - 6 Powell Street in Gastown

The Diamond is a cocktail Lounge/restaurant in Gastown.  Its upstairs, overlooking Maple Tree Square. They have some very innovative cocktails - something for everyone.  Jackie had a Pisco Sour that was delicious.  Aidan had a cocktail called "Penicillin" which  had scotch whisky, ginger, lemon, and honey.

The food selection was great - small plates made for sharing. We tried the Rock Cod Ceviche which was excellent, and the Avocado and grapefruit watercress salad which was very refreshing. 

They had only been open for 10 days when we went in, but the place was pretty busy, and mostly an "over 30" crowd.  They only have 5 bottled beers, and 4 beers on tap. So if you are out for a beer drinking session, this isn't the place!

Highlights were the Chandelier and the tall open windows (perfect for Vancouver summer nights).  

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Shangri-La Hotel - 3rd floor lounge (1128 Georgia Street West)

It was nearly last call on a Friday night.  The lounge was packed, and we were lucky to snag two seats at the bar as another couple left. JT was our bartender.  Man can that guy pour the drinks! And not just fast....with style and flare.  And he had some very creative drinks for us. Aidan's burnt martini was made with Zubrowka Buffalo Grass Vodka, and a very healthy splash/rinse of Ardbeg Uigeadail.  The combo was spectacular on the nose (how could it not!), was beautifully balanced. It all worked really well.  Jackie tried the Cucumber Martini, made with cucumber juice (no rinds), Hendricks's gin and Junmai Nigori Sake.  It was a very refreshing summer drink, although I couldn't have more than one. 

For last call, Aidan had a generous pour of Uigeadail and a bottle of Brooklyn Pennant Ale.  Jackie asked JT to whip something up that wasn't too sweet, with a gin base. 

Maybe it was because it was the end of the night....all I remember was him cracking the egg right in front of us to get fresh egg white froth!  Thanks JT - we'll be back!

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Shebeen, 210 Carrel Street - through the back of the new Irish Heather.

According to Wikipedia:

a shebeen (Irish: sibín) was originally an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a license.

Not so at Vancouver's Shebeen, tucked in the back of the Irish Heather, It's a real gem, especially for those of us with a taste for Scotch Whisky! The bar tender is very knowledgeable and the whisky selection the best in BC! OK, so its not a Cocktail Lounge, but it's the perfect place to stop in for a dram!



Corner Suite Bistro Deluxe, 850 Thurlow St., Vancouver, BC

The corner suite bistro de luxe is located in Downtown Vancouver BC at 850 Thurlow Street.  Our first visit was a Friday night, and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and drinks.  I was particularly impressed with the gin selection and the martini list.  Loved it so much, I'll be going back regularly! The crowd was young-ish, but it was not too loud.  Stop in for drinks at the cool bar. Bar tender was excellent...great service.





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