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Caskival 2 - August 3, 2005 at DIX                                           Back to Past Events Reviewed by Dipsophilia

A Celebration of Cask Ales, brought to us by the nice people at Dix – 871 Beattie

The tasters were Aidan, Claudio, Peter, and Don.  Beers sampled and comments below:

Dockside Pelican Bay Brown

5% - Classic brown ale.

Peter - Brown ale, nutty, clear, good bubbles. 

Aidan - It’s a little sharp, a little green.  All at the front. Not much depth. 6.5/10

Steamworks Big Surprise Ale

5% - New beer from this popular Gastown brewpub.

Peter - Very hoppy.  Good nose, sweet back taste. It’s sort of like you’ve been puking for a long time and you got bits in your nose.

Aidan - Unusual and unpleasant foretaste. Not very drinkable at all. 4.5/10

High Mountain Big Wolf Bitter

5.5% - Another entry from the Mark James Group, now known as the Whistler Brewhouse.

Peter - traditional.  Direct.  Smooth, a little tart. 

Aidan - Medium to heavily hopped. Chewy. Very drinkable indeed. Spectacular. 8.9/10

Taylor’s Crossing Red Truck Ale

5% - Flagship Mark James Group beer available at all locations, but this is a cask-conditioned keg. Toasty biscuit malt flavours balanced with tangy hops.

Peter - Soft, good cloudiness, bubbles long in suspension, long in the mouthambera challenge on the tongue.

Aidan – “Way better than the Yaletown”, the bar version tastes like a Lite version by comparison.  Natural carbonation vs over oxidized which is cask ale vs CO2. Almost a bitter. 8.7/10

Claudio -  A fine head, bubbles – better dispersed in the cask compared to pub pour

Dix Strawberry Blonde

5% - "Light ale fermented with Fraser Valley Strawberries"

Aidan - Very light and refreshing, crisp, clean, no after taste, thin. 7.1/10

Swan’s Appleton Brown

5%  -  One of the staples from Swan's of Victoria named after the man who set up many of the original brew pubs in BC.

Peter - Nice depth, a smooth brown

Claudio -  The nose belies the taste, it smells like fermented swine manure.

Aidan - Great brown ale - smooth, full bodied, not too sweet. 8/10

Longwood ESB

6.3% - from Nanaimo's  award-winning brew pub, which took home the Golden Bung Award for the best beer at Caskival 1.

Peter - a good, full beer, heavy.

Aidan – “That’s my kind of beer” 9.2/10

Yaletown Yippie IPA

5%-  English style IPA dry-hopped with Kent Golding hops

Peter - Pleasant enough,  better out of the cask than from the taps behind the bar.

Aidan - Disappointing.  Early skunk wore off to typical Red Brick flavour (its predecessor and the beer I consumed with extreme regularity). There are better bitters here. 7/10

Big Ridge Saison

5.4% -  Farmhouse style ale with white pepper, cardamon, coriander and orange peel   

Peter - White pepper, coriander, orange zest, a nice beer. 

Aidan - Wow. Very peppery. Very different. Enjoyable but....a bit of a palate spoiler. 8/10

Storm Brewing Hurricane

6.7% - “The supercritical CO2 extraction method, rarely, if ever, seen”

Peter - Crisp, hoppy.  Big in the back of the tongue.

Aidan - Golden, strong ale. Features a peculiar dry hop process.  Thin up front, better finish. 7/10

Central City IPA

6.5% -   "You know it and you love it".

Peter - not much on the back

Aidan - huge up front, disappointing finish - the bush the cat peed on.

Storm Cassis Lambic

5% - spontaneously fermented in East Vancouver (i.e. no added yeast, air borne yeast fermentation)

Aidan - sour, sharp, vinegary, exactly as a lambic is meant to be.  Should be a controlled  substance. 8/10

R&B Fallen Angel

5% - wheat beer

Peter - We just stood here and drank it and killed the keg

Aidan - Best wheat beer here, lots of character. 8.5/10

Crannog Pooka Cherry

5%  - Organic ale from the centre of the Province

Peter -    Sweet, little in the bubbles, flat, like kool aid, yet again Peter kills a cask

Aidan - Surprisingly good, like scrumpie cider in texture. 6/10

Russell Hot Jam Brown

5.0% - Brown ale re-fermented with Jalapeno blackberry jam

Peter - This’ll hurt on the way up

Aidan - Warms you through from the inside. 8.5/10

Yaletown Grand Cru

7%  - Another entry from Mark James Group. Belgian style ale.

Peter - Nice, open flavour,  Belgian tribute, Top, mid tingle on the front of the tongue (my notes are lucid again),  straw for a spontaneous fermentation

Aidan – Definitely not doing it for me.  It’s got the sweetness, the barley, the coriander, but a poor impersonation of the real thing. Not a good job. 5/10

Mission Springs Stout

5.5% - From the Fraser Valley and one of Canada's premier microbrewers.

Peter - Smooth, not as heavy as a Guinness, thick middle of the tongue. 

Aidan - Very very enjoyable stout 9/10


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