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Pacific Northwest Pub Reviews

Anacortes Brewery, Anacortes, WA.  Located in the old part of town, this is a hoppin' bar/restaurant - they are kid-friendly but do have bar seats.  They have live music on weekends, and it is hard to get a table! We were there on a Sunday afternoon and tried a variety of beers:

Pilsner - flat, but still tasty, better at the Majestic Hotel across the street! Sweet, light and gulpable.

Amber - rich copper, hoppy, flowery, not your average amber - very enjoyable, creamy and smooth.

ESB - Darker colour, too cold, lighter hops than the amber.

IPA - Huge hop bouquet, dry hopped, grassy and herbaceous, cilantro (?), almost minty.

Stout - dusty, slight chocolate.

Porter - thinner than the stout.